Why I Run


One of the main reasons I run is for my kids. Being active now will hopefully prevent disease later, which means more time that I’ll hopefully have with them. Being active also helps set a great example and shows how important it is to me and our family that we exercise. My five-year-old, Audrey, is really active and loves to run – you know, at recess and playing tag in the yard. But for the first time this year the kids ran in a fun run; they did a little less than a mile and I did a 5K. I ran with Audrey and was surprised at how well she did. She didn’t get out of breath and didn’t have to walk at all. Luke (the eight-year-old and not naturally inclined to do sports) also enjoyed it and they both want to participate in more races.

Today, when I said I needed to do a trail run and the hubs told the kids they would hike the same trail, Audrey told me she wanted to run with me. She wanted me to pick out clothes for her that would be appropriate for running. She is definitely paying attention to everything I do! I decided I would let her tag along for my first lap and then I’d do one at more my speed. Man, was she good! I was worried she would trip but she was really good at looking out for obstacles. And she was fast! We ran part of the Woodpecker Trail System shown on the right side of this picture. It helped that we started downhill (the P in the lower right), went down W-5, right at W-1, then accidentally up W-2 (we should have turned at W-3). She needed to walk at W-2 because it was uphill. We got to the top and realized we needed to go back down and pretty much walked the rest, up W-3 then ran just a short part at the top. She really enjoyed it. I think we ran about 4 tenths of a mile in about six minutes, and part of it was uphill. In total the run plus walking was 1.2 miles.

Here we are after our first trail run together.

I then did another loop by myself and went 1.3 miles in 14:24. Like I said in my last trail running post, I absolutely love it. And it appears I have already passed that love on. 🙂



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  1. Good for her! And very nice job on the kiddo’s running outfit.
    You’re a brave woman trail running. The only way I’m running through the woods is with a bear behind me. Glad you are enjoying it though!

  2. Yeah, even though it’s a safe area, B and the kids have come with me both times. The trails are used a lot, but I don’t know that I would go by myself! Sundays are good days for it, quite a few families and couples walking their dogs, etc. Dirt is so much nicer than pavement!

  3. I think it is wonderful that your daughter is interested in running with you. She may become your best running partner as she gets older. I so wish I could run but my body fights it the entire way. I also live in flat, hot FL. If we had parks with trails and gorgeous scenery I might be more inclined to stick it out.

    • I am so excited that she already seems athletic and that we can enjoy this together! Are there any indoor tracks you could walk or run on? About two years ago I started getting back into running by using the couch to 5K program and I know quite a few people who have used it. It’s a way to ease in to it! Of course, there are a lot of other ways to exercise, but it sure does help to do it outside! Thanks for reading and commenting! ~ Katie

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