Full-time mom + full-time employee = full-time craziness

My kids are 8 and 5 and I have been married for 9 1/2 years. It really doesn’t seem that long, which is a good thing; time flies when you’re having fun, right? Life is busy and I need to remember to slow down. Ways we as a family like to slow down are by hiking, playing games (board games, Wii, tag in the yard), going for walks, going on day trips, coloring & drawing, watching movies, sitting around a campfire, and gardening.

I enjoy running, photography, music, movies, college football, NFL football, reading, trying new recipes, baking, cooking, antiques, reading blogs, and blogging. Being healthy makes all of these things much more enjoyable and that is why exercise is so important to me. So much research shows that being active prevents many diseases and I want to live as long as possible; I know I need to be active NOW. I know I need to eat a healthy diet now and instill that in my children. We are much more productive when we eat well and are active. But it isn’t easy and this blog is one way I am going to try to improve my lifestyle and maybe someone else’s.



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