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Valance or Curtains?


Guess what, I have interests other than running and eating! And I feel like writing about it and gather some advice while I’m at it. I enjoy decorating and changing things up around the house every once in a while and recently I have had the itch to do a few things. We have been in our house for 3 1/2 years and bought it brand-new, so there isn’t a great need to do much expect personalize it. Being new we had to buy all the window coverings; eight windows, one sliding door, and a small narrow window next to the front door. One of the biggest challenges is that our living room, dining room and kitchen are all one big space, which I love, but it makes choosing window coverings a challenge because there are four windows and the sliding door in the same space.

I currently have the same shimmery gold curtains on the two living room windows and the dining room window, along with white faux wood blinds. We also have a sliding door off of the dining room which is on the same wall as the two living room windows. To save money we bought white vertical blinds for the door, which quite honestly, I dislike. Surprisingly, the husband recently said he doesn’t like the valance and he’d like something different. I misinterpreted that to mean he wanted all new blinds, but no, he means just the valance. I haven’t done much research for ideas, so I’m open to suggestions.

The other project I am going to do is kitchen curtains. The window has the same white blinds as all the other windows so it’s feeling a little cold and I want to soften it up. My first thought was to do simple curtains like these (found here):

I got a yard of this fabric, Simple Pleasures by Debbie Beaves:

It’s brighter in person, though and luckily coordinates really well with the other curtains in the area (the dining room window is on the same wall). Then while looking around on Pinterest I came across this photo (from here):

I am leaning towards doing this one. The main reason is we have an outlet just to the right of the window sill where the coffee pot is plugged in and I’m sort of paranoid that if there was a spark or something the curtains would catch fire. Now I just need to find a nice ribbon, get a rod, and get it done. I wonder if something similar could be hung above the vertical blinds? Might need to wait and see how it looks on the kitchen window.