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Mudder Governor’s Run


Today was the four plus mile Governor’s Run; it’s a trail run with a two mile or 4+ mile run. I decided on the 4+ route because it didn’t seem worth it to do just 2 miles. The race took place at Scott County Park in Long Grove, IA, not far from where I grew up and where my parents still live, but we live a little over an hour away. After I arrived and was wandering around I overheard someone say that last year’s 2 mile route ended up being 3-4 miles and the 4+ mile route was 6-7. I have to admit, this worried me a bit. I have been training for a 4 mile race, not 7! For me, that is a big difference. I asked a few other people if they’d done the race before, so I could get some idea of what I was getting into and to decide if I should do the 2 mile route instead, but it was also their first time doing the race. Not helpful. Then I just told myself that I signed up for the 4+, so I was going to do it.

There were 700 runners – I think it may have been a record for them. 700 was a little much for the course we were to run – some parts of the trails were wide and groomed, other parts were narrow paths and we had to go single-file. Within the first mile there was a creek crossing and they had a Tarzan rope for people to use to get to the other side; one rope for all 700 of us (we eventually split off from the 2 mile route runners). I followed some other people through the brush and crossed on a log about four feet above the creek. I was so happy to not be wet that early in the run! What I didn’t know was that there were a lot more creek crossing without tarzan ropes. I think miles 3 and had the most crossings, maybe 4 where the only option was to run through in about ankle high water and then scramble up the slippery bank. People were really helpful in lending a hand, though. I could always tell a creek crossing was coming when I heard shrieks up ahead.
By far, the nuttiest thing we had to do was cross the creek in waist-high water. I tried to run out of it because I feared my shoes would get sucked into the mud and then I biffed it and fell onto the muddy bank. My hands and arms were covered and I had mud splashes all over! I am so thankful it wasn’t below 55 degrees because we would have all froze! I think it was around 60 degrees. Toward the end was one last creek crossing, this time with two Tarzan ropes. Some people just went ahead through the water but I wanted to try the rope; it was okay except my hands burned and then I noticed blood on my hands. Luckily I still had all my skin! After wiping them off with an antiseptic wipe when I got back to the car I realized it was just my pinky nail that had bled and my finger was sore. I think we ended up running around 6 miles, or, more accurately, we probably ran 4 of those because there was a lot of walking due to the single-file trails and people walking to go under over trees.

There was mud, there was water, there was even blood. Would I do it again? Absolutely! And I want to find people to join me. My ankle is quite sore this evening, too, which is a major bummer. It was fine until about four hours after the run and then it started hurting. I elevated and iced it then could hardly walk on it. Took three ibuprofen and am able to walk on it again, but it’s still really sore.

After doing the first mile in about 15 minutes, I knew this wasn’t a race for time, it was just for fun and for a challenge. I finished in about one hour and thirty-six minutes, but I really had no choice of my pace most of the time. Really, it wasn’t even a “race,” they didn’t keep track of our individual times. It was a fundraiser for a scholarship fund and it always feels good to contribute to a good cause.

Here is some off-road race advice:
– Be prepared to get wet! The race people warned that I would get muddy and should bring a change of clothes, but did not mention the water crossings. I am certain they did that on purpose. For some dumb reason I had my cell phone with me but managed to keep it in the zipped pocket of my lightweight sweatshirt which I tied around my waist. I had it around my neck for the water crossings! I used my iPod part of the way but it also ended up in the pocket to stay dry. Next time those will not join me.

– Take a change of clothes so you can warm up! And so you can sit in your car. Speaking of, have a trash bag in the car so you can sit while you take your shoes and pants off. Yes, I changed my pants in the parking lot (with compression short underwear on) because they locked the main bathrooms after the race started and just had port-o-potties. I’m sure they do this so the bathroom doesn’t get covered in mud. You will then need that trash bag to deposit your muddy wet clothes in.

– Next time I may wear gloves to prevent the rope burn and the injury to my pinkie nail.

– Wear old shoes. Mine are fairly new (I wore them because they’re waterproof, like, up to one inch. Not water proof of ankle deep.), but  I think I can get them clean. Some people actually had duct tape around their shoes and up on to their ankles. Now I know they were making certain not to lose any shoes in the mud.

– Be sure to take pictures of your muddy (and possibly bloody) self to show how much fun it was!


Why I Run


One of the main reasons I run is for my kids. Being active now will hopefully prevent disease later, which means more time that I’ll hopefully have with them. Being active also helps set a great example and shows how important it is to me and our family that we exercise. My five-year-old, Audrey, is really active and loves to run – you know, at recess and playing tag in the yard. But for the first time this year the kids ran in a fun run; they did a little less than a mile and I did a 5K. I ran with Audrey and was surprised at how well she did. She didn’t get out of breath and didn’t have to walk at all. Luke (the eight-year-old and not naturally inclined to do sports) also enjoyed it and they both want to participate in more races.

Today, when I said I needed to do a trail run and the hubs told the kids they would hike the same trail, Audrey told me she wanted to run with me. She wanted me to pick out clothes for her that would be appropriate for running. She is definitely paying attention to everything I do! I decided I would let her tag along for my first lap and then I’d do one at more my speed. Man, was she good! I was worried she would trip but she was really good at looking out for obstacles. And she was fast! We ran part of the Woodpecker Trail System shown on the right side of this picture. It helped that we started downhill (the P in the lower right), went down W-5, right at W-1, then accidentally up W-2 (we should have turned at W-3). She needed to walk at W-2 because it was uphill. We got to the top and realized we needed to go back down and pretty much walked the rest, up W-3 then ran just a short part at the top. She really enjoyed it. I think we ran about 4 tenths of a mile in about six minutes, and part of it was uphill. In total the run plus walking was 1.2 miles.

Here we are after our first trail run together.

I then did another loop by myself and went 1.3 miles in 14:24. Like I said in my last trail running post, I absolutely love it. And it appears I have already passed that love on. 🙂